Monday, November 01, 2004

"Unconstitutional - The War On Our Civil Liberties" (DVD)

BuzzFlash Recommendation

Of the extraordinary series of documentary exposes on the harm that Bush has done to America -- and his unmasking of FOX as a GOP propaganda arm, down to daily attack message points -- Robert Greenwald (along with co-executive producers such as Earl Katz) has done extraordinary service in helping us to understand how anti-democracy the Bush Cartel is.

But none of Greenwald's documentaries are as terrifying as the just released "Unconstitutional." In excruciatingly painful detail, we hear the specifics about the Bush/Ashcroft campaign to take away our Constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties. They are accomplishing this in the name of the cynically termed "Patriot Act," which should really be called the "Take Away the Constitutional Rights of Americans Act."

If you wonder why the Republican Party, which used to value freedom (and Bush still uses the terms "freedom" and "liberty" as a bait and switch to lure voters into thinking that his administration supports our Constitutional rights, when the opposite is quite true), is so intent on stealing away our freedom in the middle of the night (as it did when it passed the so-called "Patriot Act" in a modified form that no congressmen had read), then we will tell you why.

The truth is simple: Ashcroft and Bush believe that God is the King of America, as Ashcroft has said. America has fallen from God's graces, due to the "corruption" of its culture and its growth into a secular nation that is not guided by "Christian" principles. The goal of the religious fundamentalists in the Bush administration, including Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, is to move more and more of what is judicial discretionary authority over our liberties and freedom into the Executive Branch, specifically the Justice Department. Their goal is to establish a nation that is run by God's laws, as they see them, not the Constitution.

Now, we should mention, Greenwald doesn't explore the interpretation laid out in the above paragraph. That is a BuzzFlash "extra." What Greenwald does do is demonstrate in chilling interviews and photographs that the Bush Administration is dismantling the Constitution, using the "war on terror" as its excuse. Furthermore, it has begun to expand provisions of its new won powers into other areas that don't even apply to terrorism, including drug and criminal prosecution. Political dissent is next on their list, you can be sure.

The Bush administration, which never misses a chance to wrap itself in the flag, is the most un-American Executive Branch in memory. Their loyalty is first to the Bush Dynasty and then to their self-perception that their role is to carry out God's will, as THEY interpret it.

Recently, White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card told the Boston Globe -- and we are not making this up -- that Bush thinks of Americans as 10-year-old children that he is protecting and guiding. And, of course, Bush is directly guided by God he tells us.

These people don't need or want the Constitution. They don't believe in democracy. They believe that they are God's agents on earth and can make decisions over our freedoms, our liberties and our lives. (Remember, the religious interpretation is ours, not Greenwald's, although we suspect he would agree with us, given our e-mails back and forth.)

"Unconstitutional" is a chilling testament to a government that has betrayed democracy, the American Revolution and our Constitution.

2004 may be our last chance to reverse the dismantling of our rights as citizens of this great land.

A second Bush Administration would be truly "Unconstitutional."

Source: Buzzflash


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