Monday, November 15, 2004

High Intelligence Productions

"Two specters haunt the next (21st) century. One is the secularism, nationalism, and ethnocentricity, the psychological apartheid that is paradoxically erupting as the world moves toward a single consumer culture. The other is the very real possibility of extinction of the human race .... Overpopulation, deforestation, the nuclear weapons that are still very much with us, the rotting canisters of plutonium on the ocean floor - I hardly need recite the list....

A revolution against these demons would require the kind of Internationale that Marx dreamed of, and Communism never saw -- a rising of the humans of the world. It would depend on a transition to a global economy that is simultaneous to a dismantling of the multinational corporations. And it must begin with us talking to each other -- more important, listening to each other -- in ways that have never occurred before. Significantly, with the new information technology, the means are there -- as long as we are able to keep those means democratic, and out of monopolistic control, which won't be easy. The new generation of revolutionaries will not begin as a ragged band in the Sierras -- it will be individuals and small groups thousands of miles from each other and neighbors in cyberspace."

Elliot Weinberger, Poet

"The solution lies within the problem, the answer is in every question, dig it?"

George Clinton, Parliment/Funkadelic

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