Friday, October 08, 2004

The Viral & Buzz Marketing Association: Marketing or Mind Control?

According to PR Newswire and Yahoo Newswire, there is a new mission and new principles over at the Viral + Buzz Marketing Association (VBMA). To follow is a verbatim of the press release if you would like to take a gander. The fact that it is based o­n London, UK, and that it is Viral and Buzz marketing makes me think of that fine visionary novel by William Gibson called Pattern Recognition, which partly took place in London -- or at least Blue Ant and all the Viral Marketing did. Blue Ant was a very fancy London agency that, among other things, buzz markets using meatspace guerilla marketing strategies, such as putting pretty girls into bars to order name-brand vodkas. The main focus is a higher-level buzz marketing strategy that results in a worldwide whirlwind of film clips and subtext and a cult-like obsession with an elusive underground movie that really must mean something. By whom was it made and why? Talk about buzz marketing! Source, Loins

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