Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Madness of G.W. Bush ..... and of ourselves

Please take a few minutes to check out this timely jaw-dropping article re: Bush's psychic malady, by Paul Levy. The article is a penetrating and succinct Jungian analysis of Bush's psyche that is compellingly relevant to the upcoming election. This article represents a powerful meme that can shift the center of gravity with upcoming election. Please read and pass along to everyone you can think of who would read it, and pass it along too.

Here's what one noted psychiatrist is saying about Paul's article:

“The Jungian analysis by Paul Levy, of Bush and the culture which maintains him, reaches deep into the American psyche. It should be studied and digested by everyone. If the citizenry would recognize that Bush's egomania is acting out a national illness, we would all be saner. If the US could integrate the ‘shadow’ which Bush projects upon ‘the axis of evil’, perhaps we could achieve world peace and start to solve global problems. A MUST read.”
- Carol S. Wolman, MD, Board Certified in Psychiatry


The Madness of G.W. Bush


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